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Re: Cannot Chain Load Grub From Windows Boot Loader

From: Paul Galbraith
Subject: Re: Cannot Chain Load Grub From Windows Boot Loader
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 09:51:36 -0500
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Thanks to everyone who pointed out that grub was looking for stage 2 on the same drive that it booted from. This was the problem. I ended up temporarily installing grub to the MBR of my windows partition and saving that boot sector as bootsect.deb, and then replaced the MBR with the windows boot sector.

Things are working nicely now, thanks!

lode leroy wrote:

By default, the GRUB looks for stage2 on the same disk it booted from
Have a look at the "d" option in the "install" command in the grub shell.
This will save the disk where stage2 is located in the boot sector.


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