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Broadcom NICs and pxegrub

From: Mathew Plattz
Subject: Broadcom NICs and pxegrub
Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 04:24:45 +0000

Patch for bug 6609 fixed a problem I was having with pxegrub booting Intel Gigbit and Intel Pro 100 VE NICs.

However, It also states it fixes support for tg3, which is for Broadcom NIC support.

This doesn't seem to work though.

We have a few Dell Machines here with onboard Broadcom 440x Controllers (b44), and Broadcom nEtXteme Gigabit Controllers (b57) and using --enable-tg3 in configure, all of these systems still fail and grub doesn't wprl (only displays 'minimal command line support')

Is there support for both of these cards with pxegrub? be it from patches etc.


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