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Re: error 17

From: Johannes Boneschanscher
Subject: Re: error 17
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 22:59:29 UT


I have a good idea what the problem was and how it got solved

It seems that the lovely partition tool used by debian-testing boot-floppies 
created (why didn't i see this earlier) a partition table with something like 

partition number(linux notation), begin-block, end-block, mountpoint

1, 100000, 105000, /boot

2, 1, 99999, /

3, 105001, 106000 swap

I should have seen the bottom line of `fdisk -l` earlier saying:

Partition table entries are not in disk order

Yeah, and so with my not so great working LBA-crippbled old fashioned outdated 
bios the /boot partition with stage2 files was not reachable but produced 
instead of an error 18 an error 17. Maybe a bug?

I Hope it helps someone else and thanks for the help of the mailing list

Johannes Boneschanscher

J.C. Boneschanscher

Diamantweg 28

3817 GK Amersfoort

Tel: 033-4615019

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