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Grub on bootable CD.

From: Harmon S. Nine
Subject: Grub on bootable CD.
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 10:20:22 -0400
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Around October of last year, we submitted a bug concerning how the then current version of grub would not boot a hard-disk image on a bootable CD via "el-torito".

However, a previous version, 0.92+cvs20020923-1, *is* able to boot such a hard-disk image.

The most recent version of grub in the Debian distribution, 0.94+cvs20040511-1, is not able to boot an el-torito hard-disk image. However, it looks like it comes closer than the version of last October. Here's what it says:

GRUB Loading stage 1.5

Grub loading, please wait ...

Indicating that this version of grub sees stage2 as something other than a regular file (?).


-- Harmon

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