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Partial fix for direct FreeBSD kernel loading

From: Guillem Jover
Subject: Partial fix for direct FreeBSD kernel loading
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 16:16:55 +0200
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I was going to add kFreeBSD (kernel of FreeBSD) direct loading to
GRUB2, but thought that better first understand why it was failing
on GRUB Legacy. So I intend to fix this on GRUB Legacy, and then
rewrite it for GRUB2, if time allows, and no one else advances me. :>

This initial fix, makes the code enter the proper execution path
on stage2/boot.c (bsd_boot) for kFreeBSD, it was going to the
kNetBSD one before, due to stack trashing.

So now it boots the kernel, the leds blink, the cursor changes
appearence and then it hangs. I've been looking at the kernel
source and the first print is very late, only after console
initialization. I don't really know why it's hanging, maybe
because it needs some more bootinfo magic to be passed. So I'll
have to build a kernel with prints to the console all over the
place to debug this.

2004-05-23  Guillem Jover  <address@hidden>

        * stage2/asm.S (setup_floppy): Preserve stack base pointer (%ebp).
        It was making the C code calling it use a bad stack, due to the
        C compiler using this register to access the stack.


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