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GRUB hanging on Stage 1

From: Stanley Yue
Subject: GRUB hanging on Stage 1
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 14:54:37 -0700

Hi all:

I'm experience the following hanging problem for GRUB:

+ There is a single disk in the system, and it is a SATA
+ The standard MBR is in stalled into the MBR
+ GRUB is installed in partition sector

When the machine is booted up, it hang after displaying:

PXE-M0F Exiting...
GRUB <hang here>

Notice that there is no error messages or messages indicating that it
is processing stage 1.5/2.

Since "GRUB" is displayed, i suspect that control flow did reach the
GRUB bootloader, but then it fails before reaching stage 1.5 or stage

What could be the problem?
What is the best way to debug this?
Does GRUB have debug mode that we can enable to produce more verbose



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