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From: mike padlipsky
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 19:04:23 -0700 (PDT)

having gotten no responses to my urgent direct netmail [as we called it
when we were inventing it] messages to the individuals i thought ought
to be able to answer me about what exactly the 'map' command does/how
it does it so that i can try to undo whatever it's done to me that's
left my whinedopes drive letters fouled up, i thought i'd try to get in
touch w/ the editor of the manual, since it was, all the long, a
deficiency in the manual [i.e., that it didn't even inexactly document
what the 'map' command does/how it does it] that got me into the mess.

so i took a look at the full html version of the manual just now, and
found no indication of who was in charge of it, much less who is in
charge of it.  nor did anything i could spot on 'savannah' help.

therefore, i'll try this expedient....

and as perhaps ought to go without saying, i'd settle for being told
the answer to the grub map question by anybody who sees this who knows
the answer rather than insisting on being told who is in charge of the
manual and then trying to get him/her to find out the answer and pass
it back to me [or even worse, tell be it'll be in the next revision of
the manual and not pass it back to me because i've let a small fraction
of my nearly boundless irritation w/ the situation show through here].

[direct replies, please;  it would be bad for the list and for me if i
were to sign up]

pro forma cheers, map
[yeah, 'ironic'; but it's always been map]

cheers, map

abbreviated '.sig' for alternative address@hidden account 
[nominally only used when lafn's comatose]: 
 'pwp' is still http://www.lafn.org/~ba213/mapstuff.html, 
i'm still trying to be less e-verbose, 
and as always, apologies for the shiftless typing,
but the carpal tunnels are still on the brink of cave-in....

PLEASE 'REPLY ALL' IF I'VE CC'D address@hidden

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