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grub disappear from MBR

From: Kispál Zsolt
Subject: grub disappear from MBR
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 09:04:13 +0200 (CEST)


I'm using grub-0.93 to multiboot Redhat9, WinXP and Win2K. It works 
just fine with one exception. Grub seems to disappear from MBR from 
time to time.
One night I installed the system, multibooted several times from the 
hard drive then next evening I just got a BootFailure messgae. I could 
boot into all 3 OS-es from my GRUB floppy. Then I reinstalled again grub 
from RH9, and again that night multibooted several times perfectly.
The following morning I got the Boot Failure message. Again boot with 
grub floppy, reinstall grub and works just perfectly.
It seems if the PC is powered down for a longer time, grub just 

The system: 
MSI KT6 Delta FISR motherboard,
AMD XP 2600+ proc., 512 MB RAM
Quantum Fireball AS 30 GB hard drive

Grub is from the RedHat installation disk, v. 0.93.

Zsolt Kispal

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