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FW: newbie question(s)

From: Guillermo Gutierrez
Subject: FW: newbie question(s)
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 06:16:57 -0800

can anyone tell me if the *_STAGE1_5 are obsolete with GRUB 0.95?
Is that why the version number goes down one when I include them in the hdd install of GRUB?
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Subject: newbie question(s)

I just signed up today so please forgive me if I ask a repeated question.
I wanted to find out, is it normal for the version number to go down by one when installing GRUB to the HDD?
I got a hold of a *.img file that when written to a floppy and booted to, it displays the 0.95 version number.
If I follow some HOW-TOs for installing GRUB on the HDD by copying the stage1 and 2 files as well as the *_stage1_5 files to a /boot/grub directory and then run setup(hd*) from the GRUB command line then the version number drops to 0.94.

Is this supposed to happen? Did I do something wrong or am I following some outdated install guides?

Guillermo Gutierrez
Market Scan Information Systems
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