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Multiboot-ELF vs. Multiboot-kludge

From: Joshua Oreman
Subject: Multiboot-ELF vs. Multiboot-kludge
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 02:04:20 -0800

Hi bug-grub,

I've got an ELF kernel that I'm trying to get loaded via Multiboot.
Basically, there's the .setup section, which is linked to 0x100000
(where I expect the kernel to be loaded) and then .text .data .bss all
linked to 0xC0000000 (where they will be run, after paging is
enabled).  The setup code parses the ELF header at 0x100000 and loads
the kernel image to 0x400000, then enables paging and jumps to the

I've got a Multiboot header set up as "kludge" so that GRUB loads it
all in one chunk at 0x100000 instead of trying to write to vaddr
0xC0000000 for the main kernel code.  Trouble is, GRUB sees that it's
an ELF file and seems to ignore the kludge flag in the Multiboot
header.  Is there any way to get GRUB to recognize an ELF file as a

-- Josh

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