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Problems with GRUB

From: cldavis65
Subject: Problems with GRUB
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 10:16:40 -0500

As the subject indicates, I'm having trouble.  I've consulted the info page, 
online docs, and FAQ, and still having trouble.
I'm trying to provide ability to boot either into RH9 or Fedora Core 3.  GRUB 
boots RH9 just fine, but getting the following error for FC3:
Error 21: Selected disk does not exist.

I have RH9 on hda disk and FC3 on hdb disk. Both have grub installed in 

See attached for grub.conf i'm using, that is located on /dev/hda1 device in 
/boot/grub (RH9 disk).

None of the FC3 entries work. 

I have no problems booting from the default entry (which is the OS I've been 
using until recently when I decided to try FC3).

Please help.


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