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UFS fixes

From: Rink Springer
Subject: UFS fixes
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 22:30:47 +0200
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Hi everyone,

Over the last few weeks, I've been working on the FreeBSD/xbox port.
However, in order to make it self-booting, the Xbox Linux BIOS (called
Cromwell) had to be expanded so it can read UFS filesystems.

As Cromwell is based on GRUB, Ed Schouten (who has assisted me during
the porting effort) has merged Grub's UFS2 support to Cromwell and asked
me to test it.

It turned out, that the UFS2 support is horribly broken. There are
miscalculations in the block to LBA code, which results on my test setup
that the block number used for /boot/ was in fact that of

After a few days of debugging, I've given up trying to fix the code and
instead ported FreeBSD's UFS code to Cromwell/grub. This code supports
UFS1 and UFS2. The post to the Xbox developers list can be found at

Would you please consider to merge this back into grub? The code is
BSD-licensed, which is identical to the FFS include files at least.
Cromwell would prefer to remain as close to grub as possible, and I
believe other people could benefit from these patches as well.

Rink P.W. Springer                                - http://rink.nu
"God, root, what is difference?"                  - Pitr, Userfriendly

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