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[bug #13606] GRUB should allow Linux command-line>256 bytes with boot pr

From: Alon Bar-Lev
Subject: [bug #13606] GRUB should allow Linux command-line>256 bytes with boot protocol>2.02
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 16:15:39 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #13606 (project grub):

Thank you Yoshinori for your response!!!

I've entered this issue since once I had a need for >256 command line
length... And started investigate why it cannot be done.
I've read the boot protocol, and it seems the old boot protocol had a
limitation of one disk sector, so it had a size limit.

The new boot protocol added a new pointer which has no size limit...

So I've found the constants that specifies the limit, it located at
include/asm-%ARCH%/setup.h and/or at include/asm-%ARCH%/param.h, variable name

There is a difference between several architecture... Most have limit of 512

Why I telling this story? Since after I've prepared a kernel that can receive
up to 1024 bytes of command line, I found out that although GRUB prints the
long command line arguments, it truncates it before it passes the command line
to the kernel.

So I've failed to setup an environment that can receive long kernel command

I think GRUB should not truncate the command line before it passes it to
kernel in the new protocol (lh->cmd_line_ptr), so that people can configure
their kernel to handle it. The old protocol handling should stay as is,
truncate the command line and move it to the boot header.

This should be very simple since you already have it as a null terminated, all
you need to do is to relocated the complete buffer into static memory place
and set its reference in the boot header.

I will be glad to read your point of view.

Later on, I will try to add a configuration option that specify the command
line size (I've already done it... But I am waiting for boot loader to support
it, before I am opening a request for this in kernel)


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