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Docs don't seem to explain how to *install* chainloading

From: Dan W
Subject: Docs don't seem to explain how to *install* chainloading
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 15:20:04 -0400

The chapter on chainloading explains how to use it, but not how to install it.

In my case, I was installing FC4 in my new PC in the weekend, and had no access to the WinXP disc.
So, I installed FC4 (x86_64) to my second SATA drive. On Tuesday I installed WinXP onto the first
SATA drive, knowing that it would overwrite the MBR, but I wasn't worried, since I thought I'd be able
to restore the boot loader with the FC4 rescue disc. No such luck. Then I tried using the FC4 install
CD's to "update" the installation. Well, it said something about "no new kernel installed, bootloader
won't be written to disk" paraphrasing; but something was done to the MBR because WinXP would
hang at the boot screen and FC4 wouldn't work either.
I've read the grub manual, and somehow I managed to get FC4 to boot again, but not WinXP; it
still hangs. I know how to restore the MBR, but I'm sure if I do FC4 won't boot. And what I can't
find in the manual is how to use grub-install to setup chainloading. I have a /boot partition, by the
way, (hd1,0).

10 website complaints:
0) I created an account to submit a bug, then hit refresh in gmail for the confirmation, and the conf
was there, as well as spam :(. Instantly! Do spammers have a trojan in the server?
1) I completed a bug report and when I hit submit it said a field was missing. I hit [back] and all my
text was gone! That is too much punishment...

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