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RE: [dhcwg] RFC 3942 notice: GNU GRUB, DHCP option 150

From: C. M. Heard
Subject: RE: [dhcwg] RFC 3942 notice: GNU GRUB, DHCP option 150
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 12:21:19 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Bernie Volz (volz) wrote:
> Well, what you like us to do?
> Software is shipping with these codes, and documenting the fact that
> there are conflicts are useful.
> What the 3942 is saying is that when these folks go for an "IETF"/"IANA"
> assigned option for non-conflicting use, they won't be able to use 150.
> The I-Ds that they write should document the historic usage (that option
> 150 was/is in use). But, they should also request a NEW official IANA
> assignment.
> And, IANA obviously can't put option 150 in the pool for future options.
> Given what we know today, RFC 3942 could certainly have documented more
> of this, but it also would have greatly complicated the description.

The reason I raised the issue is because the registry entry in
http://www.iana.org/assignments/bootp-dhcp-parameters seems to
suggest the option is tentatively assigned to one of the three
vendor-specific uses:

|    150     TFTP server address (Tentatively Assigned - 23 Jun 2005)
|    150     Etherboot  
|    150     GRUB configuration path name

My apologies if I misread the intent.


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