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Re: Docs don't seem to explain how to *install* chainloading

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: Docs don't seem to explain how to *install* chainloading
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 10:47:03 +0200

> The chapter on chainloading explains how to use it, but not how to
> install it.
> still hangs. I know how to restore the MBR, but I'm sure if I do FC4
> won't boot. And what I can't
> find in the manual is how to use grub-install to setup chainloading. I
> have a /boot partition, by the
> way, (hd1,0).

I'm not very sure about what has happened to your Windows XP.
However I am doing a tool (in fact is a disk) to make Grub easier, it is 
called Grub Super Disk and teorically it would allow you to boot your 
Windows XP.

I would be very happy if you could try the tool and tell me if at least it 
works on allowing you to boot your Windows XP.

You can download the tool from:

(Cdrom version)

(Floppy version)

Currently, only the menues are translated into English, explanations are in 
Spanish (To be translated into English soon)

To boot Windows XP it should be as easy as the following steps:

Choose English
Choose Boot Partition
Choose Boot Partition From 1st Hard Disk
Choose Boot 1st Partititon From 1st Hard Disk
(Supposing that you have installed the Windows XP there)

If it works you should look at the grub super disk menu.lsts (the one 
you're selecting and copying/pasting into your current menu.lst)

If it doesn't work you might need to activate Windows XP partition but I'm 
not quite sure at this point. You can also activate Windows XP partition 
from Grub Super Disk.

By the way. I am currently looking for someone to check my English 
explanations/translations. It is to see if everything is correct, syntax, 
ortograph, and so on. If you want to help me checking them, please tell me 

Hope to have been of help,


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