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No bootup, no error message?

From: Joshua Foster
Subject: No bootup, no error message?
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 16:31:01 -0500

We have a 4-gigabyte SCSI hard disk laid out like so: 50 MB GRUB partition (FAT32), 1 GB Windows NT 4 partition, another 1 GB Windows NT 4 partition, and the remaining 2 GB or so as a shared FAT32 partition.  We’re trying to use GRUB to boot either of the two NT partitions (I know the NT bootloader will handle this, but we need to do it with GRUB; we’re going to mess around with the source a bit).  We’re doing the standard thing where we unhide the desired OS, hide the other, makeactive and chainload +1.  I have seen this work a couple times, then something happened and now we can’t even get stage 2 to come up.  After the BIOS initialization, where stage 1 would normally take over, the machine locks up with just a blinking cursor, and we get no GRUB output, and the floppy drive light is on although the drive is not spinning.  We have tried reinstalling GRUB multiple times using the exact same procedure as before, no luck.


First of all, I’m not sure if it’s failing in Stage 1 or Stage 1.5 because there’s no output.  Is there any way to debug this?


Second, could the SCSI controller be the problem? We’re testing on two motherboards, the GE VMIVME-7810 and the RadiSys EPC-1109.  Both have built-in SCSI controllers, I’m not sure of the make/model.  And both boards exhibit the same behavior.




Joshua Foster

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