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Booting difculties after a system being reseted forcely

From: Gabriel Landi
Subject: Booting difculties after a system being reseted forcely
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 12:16:19 -0300


I have used GRUB version 0.93 for quite a while now operating under
RedHat Linux 7 and also being used to boot a Windows XP system.

One day, distracted about moving the cursor to the windows option when
booting the system went automaticaly to linux. When it was booting, i
was in a hurry so i tried  Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot.

It did reboot and now when i turn on, instead of apearing the
graphical GRUB with the systems options, a text mode apears in which I
don't know how to boot either of the systems or how to restore to the
original graphical mode.

I have knowledge that i should select the partition to which the linux
is installed and the location of the kernel on that partition, but,
since i don't have acess to the file system I don't know of means to
learn that.

Is there any way to restore the original graphical mode?

Thank's in advance
Gabriel Teixeira Landi.

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