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tftp pxegrub does not work properly

From: faqtor faqtor150
Subject: tftp pxegrub does not work properly
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 10:27:32 +0200

Hi all,

did anybody have experienced the same ever?
I compiled grub with e1000 networking support and tried to use it to boot my maschine directly from the switch. The switch itself have a dhcp server and tftp server running.

When I power on the maschine, the dhcp server on the switch give the right ip via DHCP to the NIC and the pxegrub transfer starts without one package lost or any retry.

Then, when the pxegrub is loaded successfully, the application asks for a new IP via BOOTP. The switch answers the package immediately and send a DHCPOFFER back to pxegrub. PXEGRUB itself does not take care of this offer and asks again and again and again... Sometimes its done in half of a second (which is fine) and other times it take more than a minute (whats worse) and in very rare situations it just never accept the offer. And it is the same behavior with every DHCP server I use. Even when I do it with other DHCP and tftp servers on Linux or Windows its ever the same. And its definitely not the switch or the NIC. Everything is OK with the hardware.

So, when it successfully got the IP, pxegrub start to download the configfile (which is given via option 150). For this nearly 550 byte it needs at least 2 retries. Remember first time when we boot we need not a single retry! When it executes the loaded configfile then, you get your menu finally. But after this the loading of the kernel will never be successful again. It is just retrying 4 times per package and then start again with the same package.

I already have entered a lot of debugging messages and I am now at the end of my knowledge. I have no glue how to move forward.

my configure command would always be:
./configure --enable-diskless --enable-e1000 --enable-pci-direct --disable-auto-linux-mem-opt --disable-ext2fs --disable-fat --disable-ffs --disable-ufs2 --disable-minix --disable-reiserfs --disable-vstafs --disable-jfs --disable-xfs --disable-iso9660 --disable-hercules --disable-serial

I can not use --disable-packet-retransmission then I get errors on compiling with the pci module.

my version is 0.97 with the grub-0.97-nic_update-2.patch

The reason to use GRUB are the menu, (so I could boot a CD as well, or other OS-es) and, that I do not need to have an tftp server supporting the tsize option as I would need it using pxelinux for instance.

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