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deleting a primary partition (soalris) and installing linux instead

From: Ian Brown
Subject: deleting a primary partition (soalris) and installing linux instead
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 17:37:32 +0200

 I had installed linux (Fedora Core) and then solaris on the same disk.
        The Grub of solaris took over, and I can dual boot both
        to linux and solaris. The solaris partition ("bf") is the
        primary partition.
        Now I do not want the solaris any more on this hard disk.
        I do want to install another linux on this HardDisk, Debian, and I 
still want
        that the Fedora Core will remain.
        As far as I remember fronm the past (I tried something
        like it),if I will not delete the solaris parition, and
        start the linux Debian installation there will be an error
        (something like "cannot allocate partition table" while installing).
        So my question is:
        Is it ok to delete the Solaris partition (using fdisk) and
        start the debian installer ? Will the debian installer take over
        and recognize the linux partition ?
        I simply afraid that something will mess up because the solaris
        partition is a primary partiton, and as I unerstand , now the MBR
        of GRUB is in it.
        Any ideas?


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