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Re: Re: my NTFS disk broken by Grub Legacy

From: Olle Bergkvist
Subject: Re: Re: my NTFS disk broken by Grub Legacy
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 15:33:08 +0100 (CET)

Thanks for the fast answers.

>NT stores a copy of its boot block in the last sector of the boot partition, so you may be able to get your NTFS back by booting a windows recovery CD.

No, i have tried booting with the recovery CD. But the CD doesnt recognize the first partition as NTFS. When i select to install Windows on that partition the program asks to format it, which i obiously dont want. The recovery CD has made no difference to the NTFS so far.
>When overwriting your windows partition boot with a grub installation this
>should work:
>Download Super Grub Disk (cdrom version) at
>http://supergrub.forjamari.linex.org burn it into a cdrom.
>Boot with it.
>Select: Windows -> Windows (Advanced) -> Fix Windows PARTITION Boot ->
>Select NTFS family -> Select the windows partition
>press ENTER
>and you're done.
>If it does not work tell me that it does not work.
No, unfortunately that CD cant help me. I've booted the latest version of the CD but there is no option for NTFS (only for FAT). Anyway, i selected FAT32NT by mistake, and it seems to have restored a part of the NTLDR. Now, when i try to boot Windows a a part of the NT bootloader prints "NTLDR is missing" on the screen.

I am almost sure that the command in Grub that messed up my system is "embed" since embed is run within the "setup" command.

Help about "embed":
    Embed the Stage 1.5 STAGE1_5 in the sectors after MBR if DEVICE
    is a drive, or in the "bootloader" area if DEVICE is a FFS

For some reason, Grub tried to embed Stage 1 in NTFS though it shouldnt.

I've printed the first sctors to the screen using Grub, and Grub is in the beginning of my working FAT32 partition too.

Both those behaviours seems like a bug in my opinion.

So, i would propably need a special program with the purpose to fix damaged file systems. Or even better, a small program that just copies the last block of the partition to the first block. But i have certainly not the knowledge for making such program myself.

If you know any good file system repairing programs, or are able to program one yourself, please tell me.


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