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disk-drive led always lit

From: Konrad Schandera
Subject: disk-drive led always lit
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 09:11:24 +0100


I want to report some sort of misbehave in grub ;).
It happens over here with grub 0.95 on the i386-platform. The problem is as 

When the computer starts up, and the bios is set to search for a bootrecord on 
the 3,5"-diskdrive first, the activity-led of the diskdrive is lit for a short 
time while it searches for the bootrecord on the disk, wich is not inserted, 
wich is all fine and absolutely normal. When grub then starts up and an entry 
is immediately booted (within 1-2 seconds), the disk-drive-lamp will never 
switch off, for the rest of the uptime of the system. The drive works as usual, 
though. I noticed this with 3 computers for now. To reproduce this set the bios 
of the computer to boot from disk-drive first, then boot up (with no disk 
inserted) and when the grub-chooser-screen comes up immediately press enter.

It was a little confusing to me, because in my thinkpad the harddisk-led it 
wired together with the diskdrive-led, and because i always boot one single 
kernel, i set the timer in menu.lst to 1 second and was a little confused why 
the harddisk was 'working' all the time.

However, this does not affect the operation of the diskdrive nor the harddisk, 
and maybe it's already reported and fixed. If so, forget this email ;)

Anyway a great programm, i am very happy we came 'past' lilo ;)

Greetings from dresden/germany

Konrad Schandera <address@hidden>

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