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Fw: I've Coded a New GRUB Function - What Do I Do Next?

From: Steve Burtchin
Subject: Fw: I've Coded a New GRUB Function - What Do I Do Next?
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 16:19:22 -0500

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From: "adrian15" <address@hidden>
To: "sburtchin" <address@hidden>
Sent: Sunday, January 21, 2007 7:14 AM
Subject: Re: I've Coded a New GRUB Function - What Do I Do Next?

> sburtchin wrote:
> > I have created a new GRUB command line function (eptedit) and written a
> > to an existing GRUB function (partnew).  What's the next step?  How do I
> > these compiled and linked so I can start using them?  What do I need to
> > to get these into the official GRUB distribution?
> >
> > The new code can be found in the following threads on this forum:
> >
> > How To Write Extended Partition Tables from GRUB?
> >
> > "partnew" Command Writes Wrong Ending Cylinder in MPT
> >
> > Please help me with the details so I can start using my new functions.
> > Thank you!
> Humm...
>  From the source code folder root type make
> This should give you some files on stage2/ which are:
> stage2, stage1, stage1_5_e2fs
> and
> then you can install grub with these files manually to test it.
> I think it is explained on grub faq. It consists on copying the files on
> a /boot/grub/ folder and issuing root and setup commands so that they
> get installed.
> Do not hesitate to ask me for more details.
> You might be interested on Super Grub Disk source code that automatises
> the compilation for the creation of a cdrom or a floppy and once you see
> it works on a cdrom... you build the final stage2 and stage1_5 for hard
> disks.
> adrian15

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