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Re: Error 21

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: Error 21
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 10:38:18 +0100
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Andrew Benenati escribió:

I have a dual boot setup on my external harddrive but Windows XP on my HDD.

Recently, I installed Ubuntu 6.10, tried Debian, then installed Ubuntu again. This time though, when I rebooted after installation, I tried going into Windows, but what came on the screen was "Grub Error 21". How would I go about fixing this so I would be able to get back into Windows?

Let's see... can you please confirm if you're talking about 1 or 2 ?

Grub menu appears. You select Windows and then you see Grub Error 21.

Grub menu does not even appear. You see Grub Error 21.

1) Bad signal. This means that you have installed Grub somehow on the windows partition.
        Or maybe Grub tries to boot a partition that has no Windows on it?

2) This may be fixed with Super Grub Disk ( http://supergrub.forjamari.linex.org ) Linux -> Fix Boot of Linux If it does not work try Linux -> Boot Linux or even Linux -> Boot Linux Directly to see if you can fix it later with a command like this:

grub-install /dev/sda
grub-install /dev/hda


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