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Re: Grub fails to sense arrow keys

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: Grub fails to sense arrow keys
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 11:48:58 +0100
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Craig Bourne escribió:

As anticipated in my last message to you these are the results of the tests you requested:

    Alternative keys for up and down arrows are: v and ^ .

These do not work.

    And if you type c does a console show up (press ESC to come back to
    the "graphical menu") ?

This also does not work (i.e., the c key is ignored).

It's what I thought. Your keyboard does not work. Why, you can ask me, if it works on my system? Yes it does work!

The actual facts are that you're controlling grub menu with an usb keyboard even if you do not have one.

Grub does not have any keyboard driver, it only reads the keyboard that BIOS present to it. So... if you have a USB chip somewhere in your computer your BIOS sets your keyboard as a USB one and voila... here's the problem.

So you can try it if you want to... you plug in an usb keyboard to your computer and you will see that it works.

How to fix it?

You have to go to the BIOS and setup it so that the option: USB KEYBOARD ON (or similar name) is disabled instead of enabled.

This way the BIOS will try to search for a ps/2 keyboard and it will find yours... and you will be able to use Grub's menu.


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