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Re: I've Coded a New GRUB Function - What Do I Do Next? - adrian15 Jan 2

From: sburtchin
Subject: Re: I've Coded a New GRUB Function - What Do I Do Next? - adrian15 Jan 21, 2007; 7:14am
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 20:13:48 -0800 (PST)

NOTE: Adding message of adrian15 Jan 21, 2007; 7:14am to Nabble thread.

sburtchin wrote:
> I have created a new GRUB command line function (eptedit) and written a
> patch
> to an existing GRUB function (partnew).  What's the next step?  How do I
> get
> these compiled and linked so I can start using them?  What do I need to do
> to get these into the official GRUB distribution?
> The new code can be found in the following threads on this forum:
> How To Write Extended Partition Tables from GRUB?
> "partnew" Command Writes Wrong Ending Cylinder in MPT
> Please help me with the details so I can start using my new functions. 
> Thank you!


 From the source code folder root type make

This should give you some files on stage2/ which are:
stage2, stage1, stage1_5_e2fs


then you can install grub with these files manually to test it.
I think it is explained on grub faq. It consists on copying the files on 
a /boot/grub/ folder and issuing root and setup commands so that they 
get installed.

Do not hesitate to ask me for more details.

You might be interested on Super Grub Disk source code that automatises 
the compilation for the creation of a cdrom or a floppy and once you see 
it works on a cdrom... you build the final stage2 and stage1_5 for hard 

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