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roadmap to Grub 1.96

From: shirish agarwal
Subject: roadmap to Grub 1.96
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 00:16:27 +0530

Hi all,
       I wanted to know 2 things, firstly is there a Grub 1.95 deb binary or can somebody make one & put it up on one of debian's repos? or is it already there in unstable or testing? I also saw the wiki in which Grub 1.96 has been said as to be the beta version but nothing has been said which feature-list is to be incorporated in Grub 1.96. The to-do list is a long one of which how much has been done, or is in progress or something is not mentioned. I have seen few wikis where there are some colors which denote what's in progress, what's already done, what is deferred for perhaps a 1.97 release & things like tht. I'm no developer but would be enthused if it makes my computing experience more trouble-free. I had already given one time the issues I was having & after tht didn't really try Ubuntu or any debian-based distro. :(

          Shirish Agarwal
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