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[bug #15618] Boot: Screen just says 'GRUB'

From: Mosaddique Kadodia
Subject: [bug #15618] Boot: Screen just says 'GRUB'
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 23:32:10 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15618 (project grub):

I am attempting to install Linux on my system such that I boot all my OSes
under control of the NT Boot Loader (NTLDR).

So far I have attempted the following with 3 distros (Fedora Core 6, Mandriva
2007 & openSUSE 10.2)
My Config is as follows:

Drive 1 (hd0 / hda) - 2 partitions:
Windows98SE (FAT32) on Primary (11 gb), 2nd FAT32 data Partition (29 gb)

Drive 2 (hd1 / hdb) - 2 partitions:
Windows XP SP2 (NTFS) on Primary (11 gb), 2nd Free partition for Linux (29

On install I use the default partitioning suggested in all three cases:

Fedora Core 6 creates an Extended partition with 4 logical partitions:

1. hdb5 - swap
2. hdb6 - /boot
3. hdb7 - / (slash)
4. hdb8 - /home

Mandriva 2007 and openSUSE 10.2 creates an Extended partition with 3 logical

1. hdb5 - swap
2. hdb6 - / (slash) (includes boot)
3. hdb7 - /home

On each of the distros above I declined the suggestion to load GRUB in the
MBR and opted instead to load GRUB in the partition containing the boot
directory (i.e. hdb6).

On completion of install I boot into Linux (using a GRUB boot CD / floppy).

I then wrote the resulting boot sector to my windows partition using:
dd if=/dev/hdb6 bs=512 count=1 of=/windows/C/Linux.lnx

I then added the following line at the end of my boot.ini file on drive C:
C:\Linux.lnx="My Linux OS"

On attempting to boot into Linux using the NT Boot Loader and selecting
Linux, the Boot: Screen just says 'GRUB'and then the boot hangs.

I used a third party utility called bootpart
to create a linux boot sector to replace the one created by dd and that was
able to boot my Linux OS(es) successfully from the NT Bootloader.

This clearly suggests a problem either with dd or GRUB.

I have tried all 3 approaches to installing GRUB without any success. These

1. The Boot loader selection process at Install time.
2. grub-install (hd1,6)
3. grub> root (hd1,6)
   grub> setup (hd1,6)
   grub> quit


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