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Re: Bug in GRUB 0.97 (Ubuntu 6.10)

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: Bug in GRUB 0.97 (Ubuntu 6.10)
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 13:14:54 +0100
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Andrew Jeffries escribió:

There's a bug in GRUB 0.97 on Intel 965 Chipsets, the DVD drive doesn't work if booting from GRUB from the hard drive in either Windows Vista or Ubuntu Linux.

If I replace GRUB with LILO it works perfectly.

1) But that's nonsense. The only reason that I see that Grub disables a cdrom is that the bios uses an standard interrupt for disabling the DVD drive... so it is not a grub problem.

2) If you use XP (not vista) and Ubuntu that the same problem persists ?

3) Cannot it be that grub kernel parametres are not ok and lilo kernel parametres are ok?


I've posted a howto replace GRUB with LILO in a forum (to get people round it), but I'd much rather it was fixed in GRUB.

(if you search that forum you'll see a lot of other reports of the same problem)
When you say:
22 ) Reboot and test, you should be able to now reboot between Windows Vista and Linux, with both having working network connections (you don't get this if you turn acpi=off in your GRUB menu.lst) and working DVD drives (you don't get this if you DON'T have acpi=off in your GRUB menu.lst).

Any questions or problems, let me know.

Does it mean that editing menu.lst by the means of remoing acpi=off everything works ok?

If you need me to send you any debugging information or try an experimental version to see if you've fixed it, let me know.

If you boot from Super Grub Disk cdrom... (Linux -> Boot Linux) (use 0.9536 version please) can you then use the DVD?




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