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Re: Bug in GRUB 0.97 (Ubuntu 6.10)

From: Andrew Jeffries
Subject: Re: Bug in GRUB 0.97 (Ubuntu 6.10)
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 12:30:16 +0000
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adrian15 wrote:
Andrew Jeffries escribió:
There's a bug in GRUB 0.97 on Intel 965 Chipsets, the DVD drive doesn't work if booting from GRUB from the hard drive in either Windows Vista or Ubuntu Linux.

If I replace GRUB with LILO it works perfectly.

1) But that's nonsense. The only reason that I see that Grub disables a cdrom is that the bios uses an standard interrupt for disabling the DVD drive... so it is not a grub problem.

But it works fine with LILO. While I appreciate you may be saying that the underlying problem rests with the BIOS manufacturer, LILO manages to work around and I would have thought GRUB could do likewise (and given that I prefer GRUB, I'd like it to ;-))

2) If you use XP (not vista) and Ubuntu that the same problem persists ?

Unfortunately I only have a Vista licence.

3) Cannot it be that grub kernel parametres are not ok and lilo kernel parametres are ok?

Nope, the same parameters are used.



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