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Grub problems?

From: Edward Muller
Subject: Grub problems?
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 16:57:53 -0500

We replaced a drive on a linux software RAID 1 array on a customer's machine.

Grub fails to boot with no error, it just hangs:

"Grub loading, please wait."

Used rescue CD, and re-installed grub to both drives. Reboot, same thing.

Use rescue CD again. remove the contents of /boot/grub (sans menu.lst and grub.conf)... Use grub-install .. re-install to both drives. Reboot, same thing.

Remove secondary (new drive) and the system boots.

Try to boot with only the new drive in and we get the following error:

GRUB Hard Drive Error

reproduced error with two drives (i.e. replaced the replacement drive).

The new and old drives are different models (both Segate), but have the same drive geometries when viewed via fdisk.

The system is a Super Micro A+ (Opteron) system (1010PT or 1020PT IIRC) and the drives are SATA.

The system does have software raid, but it's disabled.

The system is running RHEL.

Can anyone help?

We've done replacements like this before with no problems.

Edward Muller
Interlix, LLC

Zope, Plone & Zimbra Hosting

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fax: +1.770.818.5437

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