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RE: Booting Linux and DOS on a boot cd with GRUB

From: Weinberg, Jon
Subject: RE: Booting Linux and DOS on a boot cd with GRUB
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 15:42:52 -0600

I did as suggested by Adrian, but the results are still the same, Error
15.  Here is what I had in the menu.lst file:

title Asset and PD Wipe
kernel (cd)/boot/memdisk
initrd (cd)/boot/boot.img

`boot` is not needed since it's in a menu.  Is there a way to get more
information from GRUB on the error message?  Like which files are
"missing."  I seem to be hitting a very solid wall with this Helix iso
grub hack.



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Subject: Re: Booting Linux and DOS on a boot cd with GRUB

Weinberg, Jon wrote:
> Good morning,
> I currently have an iso of Helix (uses knoppix) and I'm trying to 
> modify the grub menu to add an option for booting to a DOS 
> environment.  I have all the DOS boot files in the iso however 
> whenever I boot the cd, grub returns an "Error 15," file not found.  
> Unfortunately it doesn't specify which file(s).  Here's the only 
> modification I've made to grub, and it's in the menu.lst file:
> I added:
> title  Asset Delete & PDWipe
> root   (cd)/boot/pdwipe/
> kernel (cd)/boot/pdwipe/COMMAND.COM
> chainloader  (cd)/boot/pdwipe/MSDOS.SYS chainloader  
> (cd)/boot/pdwipe/IO.SYS
> I'm pretty sure this is wrong, but I've not found a single resource 
> that explains how to do exactly what I'm doing.  I've also attached 
> the menu.lst file as a whole if that helps.  I greatly appreciate 
> anyone's help with this.

Unless someone has another trick to boot DOS like this the most similar
thing to what you want to is to get a DOS image disk with the programs
you want to.

Get memdisk as a kernel and put your floppy as a initrd.

title my floppy img
kernel (cd)/boot/memdisk
initrd (cd)/boot/myfloppy.img

You can get memdisk image inside the super grub disk cds if you want to.


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