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Truecrypt Windows system encryption and Legacy GRUB

From: Martin Hinner
Subject: Truecrypt Windows system encryption and Legacy GRUB
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 17:02:03 +0100


  I would like to add some support to GRUB which would allow to boot
Truecrypt system-encrypted volumes. I made a website which describes
how to get multiboot working: http://martin.hinner.info/fs/truecrypt/

  Basically, what is required is some command that would allow to load
truecrypt loader from the first track of boot hard drive (basically
functionality of truecrypt mbr code):

1) Conditionally, unless TC resident code is present in memory (i.e.
grub will chain-load it)
2) Unconditionally from a menu (allowing user to choose to boot
truecrypt manually).

I think this code should go to grub-legacy as no recent distribution
is using grub2 to my knowledge (and unless there is support in major
distribution, we'll not move any further). I am willing to do it, it's
pretty simple operation. Are you willing to include such patch into

Also grub-install should warn before overwriting first track IF
truecrypt is present.


PS:  I am not on the list, CC: to my e-mail please.

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