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Boot error 17

From: Шулаев Александр Валерьевич
Subject: Boot error 17
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 17:10:32 +0500

Hello, dear experts!

Grub boot with error:


“GRUB Loading stage1.5.


GRUB loading, please wait…

Error 17”


How to fix this?

This happened after moving primary active 1st partition with OS Vista by EASEUS Partition Manager.


1st partition lay from 14346108 to 131572412 (total 117226305).


Then it moved to the sector 63-117226367. There was unallocated space in the beginning.

After moving it follows after 1st partition, as shown on the figure below. This GParted running from LiveUSBflash.



Following partition leaved without changes: extended partition from 131572413 to 234452609 sector (total 102880197), then primary partition from 234452610 to 600140204 (total 365687595), then primary partition from 600140205 to 625137344 sector (total 24997140)


In attachment placed files from /boot/grub/ directory on the partition /dev/sda3. May be they will be useful.



I tried to fix this (from LiveUSBflash):


address@hidden:~$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda/

/dev/sda/: Not found or not a block device.

address@hidden:~$ sudo grub-install hd0

Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device.



By the way, in /boot/grub/ directory under LiveUSBflash lies one file device.map with content:

(fd0)     /dev/fd0

(hd0)    /dev/sda

(hd1)    /dev/sdb

I copy all files from /media/disk/boot/grub (on partition dev/sda3) to /boot/grub/ directory, exclude device.map.

Do the same (sudo grub-install..), same not successful result.


I’ll glad to get you reply.

Please, duplicate the reply to address@hidden.



Best regards,

Shulaev Aleksandr



Tel. +7 3462 400-360

E-mail: address@hidden


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