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[bug #26237] multiple problems with usb devices

From: Ales Nesrsta
Subject: [bug #26237] multiple problems with usb devices
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 21:47:50 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #7, bug #26237 (project grub):


there are answers.

>...I found out the problem with grub_memalign.

OK, so I removed my workaround in HCCA allocation in patch.

>...Can you remove all gratuituous changes (like commenting out dprintfs,
adding commented out code and change register names) and send patch in unified
format (-u option in diff) to address@hidden

I cleaned the code, shortly tested if it is still working, made the patch by
"diff -urB" and sent it to address@hidden
But as I did not participate on any Linux, GNU or another project until now,
I am, for example, not sure if is it correct to do my patches according to
grub2-1.98~experimental.20100120 source or if I should download some latest
code tarball (if any)... Or if I should participate via CVS (I never used this
tool and have no experiences...).

>...Porting code from linux is appropriate only if license is compatible and
porting was approved by maintainer.

I never understand any license in details as I cannot be thinking as
>From my point of view, I did not port (copy) the code, I only used Linux
developers experiences described in their notes, so I hope I don't need any
I only shortly read part of Linux sources related to USB mass storage driver
and I found in notes that there can be problem with USB mass storage devices
if no Request Sense is performed after each command. By the way, I am not sure
if I understand these notes in right way...
I don't know if lawyers have the same point of view...

>...Are perhaps interested in coding EHCI?

I am personally not interested, as I do not have PC with EHCI which have no
support for boot in BIOS.
But if You want to add EHCI module to GRUB2 or something like it and You need
help, I can try to help You, I like programming on "device level".

But first please consider following facts and think over if I am suitable
person for You:
Improvement of GRUB2 OHCI module is my first try of participating in any free
SW development. I only tried to solve this bug myself and when it looked that
it is working, I send it to You mainly for review if it can be useful also for
Till now I have no knowledges about UHCI and EHCI (as I had no knowledges
about OHCI and USB MS approx. three weeks ago...).
This case was my first "meeting" with OHCI and USB mass storage devices
specifications - I am not specialist, I downloaded specifications from
www.usb.org, read them and try to compare it with GRUB2 code etc.
>From SCSI side I have only very basic knowledges related to old SCSI2 draft
document which I historically shortly read many years ago according to my
experiments with building my own QIC02 SCSI miniport driver for Windows NT.
I cannot do development systematically and fast due to my job, family and
another, mostly non-predicate reasons. Sometimes I have some free time for
such development, but often not. It can happen that I will be do nothing (nor
responding) one, two, three weeks or more...



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