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Locked out of Windows XP

From: Richard Prangnell
Subject: Locked out of Windows XP
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 12:26:29 +0100


I have just installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with dual-boot configuration, alongside Windows XP. Now I cannot boot to Windows XP. The computer just hangs with a single blinking cursor at top left of screen. However, I can boot to Ubuntu and can mount the Windows filesystem in Ubuntu, which seems intact. On trawling the forums, I get the impression that this behaviour has been encountered before (many times) and is due to a built-in computer security feature (mine is a Dell Optiplex type) corrupting one or more Grub-related files at boot time. So wouldn't it be a relatively easy task to update the Grub system so as to write protect the files that are vulnerable to corruption, or have the same files re-generated every time Grub is loaded? This would be a very handy improvement for people in my position, as it would mean we could once again access a lot of valuable Windows software that is vital to our livelihoods!

Many thanks in anticipation

Richard Prangnell

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