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GRUB installation bug (installation on an external USB HDD)

From: nk8215
Subject: GRUB installation bug (installation on an external USB HDD)
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2011 17:10:16 +0100

I have encountered a bug while installing GRUB 2 on my external USB HDD (500GB 
Silicon Power Diamond D10, by Linux (Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot) disk tools 
identified, however, as an ATA disk TOSHIBA_MK5059GSXP_X12ZB1A1B.
The system I was about to install Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot to, was an Asus Eee PC 
1015 Seashell Series, 1 GB RAM, with MS Windows 7 Starter pre-installed.
Hope this, together with the outputs supplied, will provide you with enough 
information, so you'll be able to solve that bug. Thanks in advance.

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