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Re: Installation of grub2 on RAID1 array fails.

From: Wolfgang Denk
Subject: Re: Installation of grub2 on RAID1 array fails.
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 20:56:03 +0100

Dear Vladimir,

In message <address@hidden> you wrote:
> On 28.11.2011 20:51, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> > # grub2-install --recheck /dev/md0
> Don't run this one.
> Other two commands are the way to go. Your case is weird: it sees one 
> mdraid but not another. We've had such a bug once in developpement 
> snapshot but it wasn't released. It's as if there was no signature on 
> other raid members. I assume both mdraids are 0.9x. Can you send me last 
> 256K of both member partitions?

Sorry for the delay, and apologies for not being able to provide the
required information.  By mistake I attempted to reboot the machine at
one point, which didn't work (obviiously as the GRUB installation had
failed), and booting with the recovery disk failed as well.  In the
end I had to give up and reinstall from scratch.

I'm aware that it's disappointing that we lost any additional
information, but I could not help it.  Sorry.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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