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Re: Assortment of Issues with EFI on Mac

From: Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: Assortment of Issues with EFI on Mac
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 22:29:52 +0100
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On 31.12.2011 20:46, Jake Thomas wrote:
Thank you Vladimir for the theory about Grub loading the _correct_ Linux kernel 
file and the _correct_ initrd file, but Linux then going on to use the wrong 
partition. I can rest a lot more easy with that theory; mine was kind-of 

What would be a situation where I boot Grub off my thumb drive and Grub doesn't 
consider the thumb drive the first hard disk?

Firmware tells GRUB which disk it booted from.
I'm not 100% certain if we are on the same page with the whole normal mod 
thing. I built an EFI image file, and the EFI actually interprets the 
filesystem this file is on and actually boots the file, rather than raw-reading 
code off the hard drive, like from the MBR and the rest of track0. I don't see 
what grub-install would do for me in this situation, since the only purpose it 
has that I know of is to raw-write Grub code to non-file places on the hard 
drive such as track0. I compiled Grub 1.99 from source, built an EFI image file 
with grub-mkimage, and copied the files over. If I don't compile normal.mod 
into the image with grub-mkimage, how do I get Grub to load my config file?

grub-mkstandalone or grub-install takes care of all. normal.mod is either left on normal fs or compressed into a tar and put on memdisk
I'll try again with the vertical space thing. Maybe it went away from 1.98 to 

Old versions had a problem with spaces after braces

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Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko

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