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Re: A Few Bugs?

From: Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: A Few Bugs?
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 14:06:22 +0100
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On 09.01.2012 04:32, Jake Thomas wrote:
Has anyone been here: http://blog.fpmurphy.com/2010/03/grub2-efi-support.html ? As a disclaimer, I don't know C or am a developer or anything, I'm just summarising what the "OS plumber" said and reporting what I saw happen when I try to compile grub. Basically the webpage talks about three bugs and gives source code for quit.mod.

He missed the "exit" command. Changing the color back is pointless since EFI services aren't available to Linux. And having different cache parameters was once submitted to grub-devel without any justification at all.
I read only in diagonal so if I missed something feel free to tell it.
1. "The header /../include/grub/i18n/ also has a minor error. The fix is to change the syntax of the ENABLE_NLS guard from /#if/ to /#ifdef/." About that. "#if (defined(ENABLE_NLS) && ENABLE_NLS) || !defined (GRUB_UTIL)" sounds like it's combining "if" with some kind of defining. Has this bug been taken care of? Does it really need to be "ifdef"? From my layman's point of view, #ifdef" seems redundant.
There is no bug here. Undefined ENABLE_NLS and ENABLE_NLS=0 both mean disabled NLS. And in GRUB proper gettext functions are always present.

2. The default cache size causes slow booting with EFI, change to:
|/* The size of a disk cache in sector units.  */|
|#define GRUB_DISK_CACHE_SIZE    8192|
|#define GRUB_DISK_CACHE_BITS     13|
|#define GRUB_DISK_CACHE_SIZE    8|
|#define GRUB_DISK_CACHE_BITS    3|
These parameters were increased in bzr when 4K-sector support was added

3. "The current linux loader does not reset the screen text-mode foreground and background colors to their defaults."
[fix on webpage]

As I said, these functions refer to changing text mode as used when going through EFI text which is unavailable to Linux.
The OS plumber is referring to 1.98. I looked at 1.99 and the bzr as of January 8th, 2012. The only mod I did was the cache one. 1.99 compiled for me with the cache mod in Linux Mint 11 (though some other places I tried to compile it in were less lucky). I compiled 1.99 with --enable-efiemu and --enable-grub-mkfont (both for the heck of it, sounds potentially fun for thumb drive use.).

The bzr version didn't compile at all, without any mods. Furthermore, when I tried --enable-efiemu with the bzr version, it said "configure: error: efiemu runtime was explicitly requested but can't be compiled". You'd think it should be able to if I just compiled grub 1.99 with --enable-efiemu. All the dependencies should be there, unless bzr extended --enable-efiemu to need new dependencies (either "new" as in more entirely new dependencies or "new" as in newer versions of previously used dependencies).
There is a bug in configure test. Will be fixed today.


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