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Re: failing grub install

From: Jake Thomas
Subject: Re: failing grub install
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 23:32:53 -0800


So you're trying to install Grub to the flash drive, right?

What are you booting the virtual machine off of?

Did you dd an iso image to the thumb drive? (trying to pinpoint this iso9660 

First, the iso9660 filesystem is read-only. So you're not going to be able to 
put grub modules and a grub.cfg on that filesystem (unless you rebuild it).

Second, is all of the thumb drive formatted as iso9660, or is one partition of 
the thumb drive formatted as iso9660? Or is there no iso9660 filesystem on the 
thumb drive? In other words, do you mount /dev/sda or do you mount /dev/sda1? 
If you're just mounting /dev/sda, there's no MBR or space after the MBR, both 
of which Grub needs, unless there is a BIOS boot partition in the case of GPT.

If you dded an iso over the whole thumb drive, there's no MBR or that space 
afterwards. If you dded an iso over a partition of the thumb drive, there 
should still be an MBR and the space afterwards.

Are you booting the virtual machine with an iso, the thumb drive, or what? You 
could just boot the virtual machine off the iso, nuke the thumb drive, and 
install Linux to it. You don't even need to do that super VirtualBox shortcut 
to the thumb drive raw vmdk thing. You can just share it as a USB filter.


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