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[bug #36770] grub-2.00: please support compression for EFI architectures

From: Maxim Kammerer
Subject: [bug #36770] grub-2.00: please support compression for EFI architectures
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2012 21:36:39 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #9, bug #36770 (project grub):

I think I have found the culprit. Everything in memdisk can be compressed with
xz (modules, *.lst, embedded grub.cfg), but the "search" command works only if
fs modules are either loaded beforehand, or not compressed (their
dependencies, such as "fshelp", can be compressed).

insmod part_msdos
insmod part_gpt

insmod iso9660
insmod fat
insmod ext2
insmod hfsplus

search -fns root ...

I tested this extensively with iso9660.

Is it possible that "search" circumvents transparent decompression when
autoloading modules? Is it actually expected to do that (autoloading doesn't
seem to work again after rmmod'ing everything in "normal" mode)? I.e., "insmod
part_*" above be there because "search" in GRUB 1.99 wouldn't work otherwise
with partitions (didn't test with GRUB 2.00) -- shouldn't these be autoloaded
as well on "search"?


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