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Had To Revert to Grub 2.00~rc1

From: Jake Thomas
Subject: Had To Revert to Grub 2.00~rc1
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 02:12:35 -0400

Hello folks!

I have not succeeded in getting Grub 2.00 to work for me yet, though
Grub 2.00~rc1 works for me just fine.

First, I experience the Arch bug that does not allow me to compile
with more than one core or hyperthread due to a race condition.

Even if the make goes well (which I think requires a newer version of
gcc or something, because when I went back to the "LiveCD", which
isn't as up-to-date, I couldn't even do a make even when using only
one hyperthread), the "sudo make install" step gives errors.

But doing "grub-install --version" spilts out "Grub 2.00", so I know
that something installed.

When I install the above defective Grub to my hard drive, it only
boots to a rescue prompt.

I'm lucky I kept a copy of the Grub 2.00~rc1 source code, or else I'd
be in a pickle.

>From now on, I think I will always keep a copy of the previosly
working source code.

I hope none of the developers take it personally that I had to revert
or that I'll have to keep a copy of the previously working source
code. I was simply forced to, and regressions are a part of software

Overall I really love Grub2; this is just a minor hiccup, which is to
be expected with development.


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