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Bug when editing the configuration at boot time

From: Christoph Bodner
Subject: Bug when editing the configuration at boot time
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 12:19:40 +0100

Hi everyone,

I am testing Fedora 18-beta which uses "GNU GRUB  version 2.00~beta4". I have 
discovered the following problem and I have also found a workaround.

After booting I pressed 'e' key in order to edit the config text. Using arrow 
keys I navigated to the line starting with "linux". My aim was to add the digit 
'3' after the end of this line which is quite a common task when you want to 
boot in text mode, e.g. when x11 graphics mode needs to be configured. This 
long line appears wrapped across three lines and it is impossible to navigate 
to the end of the line. In my special case the last word was "quiet" but I 
could only read "q\".

The following workaround helped me to get the job done: I replaced the 
TAB-characters at the left and right postions near "linux" through spaces and 
then I could jump to the end-of-line position as expected.

Therefore, this editor seems to have internal troubles expanding TAB-characters 
to spaces and counting the resulting columns correctly. This problem is 
perfectly reproducable among multiple Fedora 18-beta installations. BTW, in a 
virtualized environemnt, this editor takes 100% CPU power of the host machine 
which should not be necessary.

Kind regards


Christoph Bodner
6020 Innsbruck, Kohlweg 4

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