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Fwd: grub-install lvm error

From: txemi
Subject: Fwd: grub-install lvm error
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 17:53:46 +0100

I have got a debian sid installation in an lv and I am not able to
make this installation botable again.

I am quite sure that it is possible as I had no problem in making a
fresh install of debian testing in a new lv in same vg and make it

I attach grub-install script.

I also append an lvs view:

Cada 2,0s: lvs -a -o +devices
                                                Mon Mar  4 17:45:05

File descriptor 4 (pipe:[87281]) leaked on lvs invocation. Parent PID 24611: sh
  LV                VG      Attr     LSize   Pool Origin Data%  Move
Log Copy%  Convert Devices
  debianrescue      vgraid1 -wi-a---  19,22g
  media3            vgraid1 -wi-ao-- 350,00g
  oraciobackupsata2 vgraid1 -wi-a--- 910,12g
  raid              vgraid1 rwi-aom- 350,00g
   52,97         raid_rimage_0(0),raid_rimage_1(0),raid_rimage_2(0)
  [raid_rimage_0]   vgraid1 Iwi-aor- 350,00g
  [raid_rimage_1]   vgraid1 Iwi-aor- 350,00g
  [raid_rimage_2]   vgraid1 Iwi-aor- 350,00g
  [raid_rimage_2]   vgraid1 Iwi-aor- 350,00g
  [raid_rimage_2]   vgraid1 Iwi-aor- 350,00g
  [raid_rmeta_0]    vgraid1 ewi-aor-   4,00m
  [raid_rmeta_1]    vgraid1 ewi-aor-   4,00m
  [raid_rmeta_2]    vgraid1 ewi-aor-   4,00m
  swap1             vgraid1 -wi-a---   7,45g

debianrescue is bootable. grub-install works.
raid is not bootable. I tried to recover it in a chroot from other
install (session dump attached in this message).
The only difference is that the raid lv is a mirrored lv, but I
suspect it is not the point.


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