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Grub installation may get erroneous after a hardware reconfiguration

From: Arbiel (gmx)
Subject: Grub installation may get erroneous after a hardware reconfiguration
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 16:26:05 +0100
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The grub installation procedure should make no assumption regarding the eventual runtime configuration concerning device and file references.

1) grub.cfg file contains "set root=.." instructions which refer to partitions which are present at installation time, but could be absent at runtime. These instructions may cause grub to stop booting, displaying a message "No such device", and are of no use as they are followed by "seach --set=root ... " instructions which set root according to the runtime configuration.

Please, remove these "set root=.." instructions.

2) grub now embeds a little file to properly set the root variable when core.img and grub/grub.cfg do not reside on the same partition. Such a file should also be embedded even when both core.img and grub/grub.cfg reside on the same partition, as the reference to this partition may get illegal at runtime. No one knows whether or not the destination drive has been ported away to another configuration, where its address differs from what it was at installation time.

Please always embed a file to properly set root, prefix and config_directory.

3) Provisions should be given to let anyone know the values of root, prefix and config_directory (UUID and file inode should be the preferred pieces of information displayed, in a form easily usable by any program)

Please, add an option (to grub-install ?) to report those values

4) Provisions should be taken to avoid running a grub.cfg file with an inappropriate version of Grub, as this can lead to unexpected and hard to diagnose results.

Thanks a lot to the development team.


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