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Fwd: each OS's bootloader knows better how to boot that OS, and knows be

From: gregrwm
Subject: Fwd: each OS's bootloader knows better how to boot that OS, and knows better/sooner what kernel is current
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 22:52:44 -0500

what's right with grub2?  broad fs support, and booting iso's.  thank you.

what's wrong with grub2?  two fundamental issues:

first, it starts out with "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE!"  instead, please just give terse, clear, and polite warning what will happen if i do, what specifically would be a better idea, and where to read more about why.

second, it presumes that it's collected wisdom of how to boot various resident OS kernels is clever.  instead, it should presume that each OS comes with a bootloader that knows best how to boot it.  as an example, those OS's will likely continue to update their kernels and/or their bootloaders, which of necessity will happen sooner in them than whenever the one that happens to have the mbr can reflect those updates.  so, transferring control to an OS's native installed bootloader should be the first choice, transferring to interpreting it's configfile should be second, booting the /vmlinuz link should be third, and directly booting that OS's last observed kernels should follow after that.  finally, all these choices should be in a submenu, for which there should be two distinct commands, first&default, simply boot the first item in the submenu without opening it, or second, open the submenu to make a different choice.

when these two issues get resolved, grub2 will no longer have an over aggrandized self image.  it will have matured.

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