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[bug #42632] ZFS pool not detected when multiple pools exist

From: Tim Chase
Subject: [bug #42632] ZFS pool not detected when multiple pools exist
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2014 12:45:58 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #42632 (project grub):

I've done some more experimentation and believe my fix is correct.  Some pool
combinations will "work" because the extra vdevs being included in the pool
don't harm anything so long as the correct vdev is referenced when a file is
accessed.  Here's an example of the bug from current master code:

Test 1: A 3-vdev striped pool consisting of (hd2,gpt2), (hd3,gpt2) and
(hd4,gpt2) is followed by a single-vdev pool in (hd5,gpt2).  The guid of the
first pool is 309552130814F499 and the guid of the second pool is

grub rescue> search.fs_uuid 309552130814F499
grub rescue> search.fs_uuid 9CF96F0E0B19F229
 hd2,gpt2 hd3,gpt2 hd5,gpt2

and this is with the fix:

grub rescue> search.fs_uuid 309552130814F499
 hd2,gpt2 hd3,gpt2 hd4,gpt2

grub rescue> search.fs_uuid 9CF96F0E0B19F229
 hd5,gpt2grub rescue> 
grub rescue> 

Without the fix, the pool assembly code becomes confused because it's adding
unrelated vdevs to the pool.  As mentioned above, however, this can be benign
in some cases depending on the exact configuration of the pool.


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