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[bug #42631] 64bit EFI net_bootp fails to configure network

From: Curtis Larsen
Subject: [bug #42631] 64bit EFI net_bootp fails to configure network
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2014 18:26:18 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #42631 (project grub):

Updated information:

In grub-core/net/bootp.c:grub_cmd_bootp() I believe that choice to return if
one of the network cards has an error could be improved by skipping that card,
but continue to attempt to use the other card(s).  But that is not my core

I was only using the net_bootp command in an attempt to force the network card
to be configured using the DHCP configured information that is residing
somewhere in EFI.

After more digging, I found
grub-core/net/drivers/efi/grub_efi_net_config_real() which is called from

grub_efi_net_config_real() fails to configure the expected card when
grub_efi_open_protocol() fails.  grub_efi_open_protocol() fails because
efi_call_6() returns error code 3(GRUB_EFI_UNSUPPORTED).

Because of this the network card is not configured with an address, and
networking is not working.

However, the network interface does become configured at a random time (many
minutes) in the future, without any interaction by the user.  As stated
earlier, it doesn't appear to be initiated by DHCP traffic between the DHCP
server and the EFI firmware.

Any insight would be much appreciated.


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