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Re: BTRFS messes up snapshot LV with origin

From: Brendan Hide
Subject: Re: BTRFS messes up snapshot LV with origin
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 08:59:19 +0200
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cc'd address@hidden for FYI

On 2014/11/17 03:42, Duncan wrote:
MegaBrutal posted on Sun, 16 Nov 2014 22:35:26 +0100 as excerpted:

Hello guys,

I think you'll like this...
UUID is an initialism for "Universally Unique IDentifier".[1]

If the UUID isn't unique, by definition, then, it can't be a UUID, and
that's a bug in whatever is making the non-unique would-be UUID that
isn't unique and thus cannot be a universally unique ID.  In this case
that would appear to be LVM.
Perhaps the right question to ask is "Where should this bug be fixed?".

TL;DR: This needs more thought and input from btrfs devs. To LVM, the bug is likely seen as being "out of scope". The "correct" fix probably lies in the ecosystem design, which requires co-operation from btrfs.

Making a snapshot in LVM is a fundamental thing - and I feel LVM, in making its snapshot, is doing its job "exactly as expected".

Additionally, there are other ways to get to a similar state without LVM: ddrescue backup, SAN snapshot, old "missing" disk re-introduced, etc.

That leaves two places where this can be fixed: grub and btrfs

Grub is already a little smart here - it avoids snapshots. But in this case it is relying on the UUID and only finding it in the snapshot. So possibly this is a bug in grub affecting the bug reporter specifically - but perhaps the bug is in btrfs where grub is relying on btrfs code.

Yes, I'd rather use btrfs' snapshot mechanism - but this is often a choice that is left to the user/admin/distro. I don't think saying "LVM snapshots are incompatible with btrfs" is the right way to go either.

That leaves two aspects of this issue which I view as two separate bugs:
a) Btrfs cannot gracefully handle separate filesystems that have the same UUID. At all. b) Grub appears to pick the wrong filesystem when presented with two filesystems with the same UUID.

I feel a) is a btrfs bug.
I feel b) is a bug that is more about "ecosystem design" than grub being silly.

I imagine a couple of aspects that could help fix a):
- Utilise a "unique drive identifier" in the btrfs metadata (surely this exists already?). This way, any two filesystems will always have different drive identifiers *except* in cases like a ddrescue'd copy or a block-level snapshot. This will provide a sensible mechanism for "defined behaviour", preventing corruption - even if that "defined behaviour" is to simply give out lots of "PEBKAC" errors and panic. - Utilise a "drive list" to ensure that two unrelated filesystems with the same UUID cannot get "mixed up". Yes, the user/admin would likely be the culprit here (perhaps a VM rollout process that always gives out the same UUID in all its filesystems). Again, does btrfs not already have something like this built-in that we're simply not utilising fully?

I'm not exactly sure of the "correct" way to fix b) except that I imagine it would be trivial to fix once a) is fixed.

Brendan Hide

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